BPA Annual Conference 2021

BPA Annual Conference 2021: A New Dawn for Parking

Andrew Pester

Andrew Pester

Chief Executive Officer
British Parking Association

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Andrew brings over 17 years of experience in a range of regulatory, public sector, commercial and management roles providing strategic, operational and policy advice.

His expertise in economic regulation, strategic policy and stakeholder management was developed at the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) where he led a number of high profile energy sector policies. Andrew has informed and shaped both GB and European legislation. Previously, as a senior policy lead at the Department of Energy and Climate Change he was responsible for developing the governments’ capacity market auction design to incentivise investment in energy infrastructure, which was enshrined in the Energy Bill.

Andrew also brings experience of managing collaborative projects with multiple stakeholders gained during his time at the Council of European Energy Regulators, a not for profit association in Brussels.

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